RURU Corps

RURU Corps is a visual communication agency assembled by three art organizations that are based in Jakarta; namely ruangrupa, Forum Lenteng, and SERRUM.

RURU Corps is running its operations based on inter-disciplinary collaborations, in doing art related projects; which among others are: all kinds of visual art exhibitions, video and music festivals, design works and installations, up to publishing books. The agency acts by using a variety of mediums and methods, which are then tailored to the diverse requirements of the strategies in communicating.

RURU Corps supports prospective clienteles whom are willing to recognize and are open to experimentations in the forms of ideas and dialogues; through the strength of conceptualizing, exploration, space awareness, as well as actual public involvement and interactions.

RURU Corps will make your ideas real, even taking them further to a more interesting and unique level. We are your true partner for creative works.

The RURU Corps Story

Sharing experiences and knowledge are the two primary incentives that have fueled the creation of RURU Corps. If public education is your main concern – we offer a luring and playful tactics that could incorporate your ideas and develop it even further with artistic and unique strategies: an intimate and personal communication approach that enables the public to acknowledged themselves through your presence.


Event and Exhibition Design

We provide stage backdrops, signage display structures, exhibit displays and theme décor. We are equipped with artistic team and experienced production capabilities, enabling us to create custom designs and bring your ideas to life.

Product Design

Whether you need commercial products or tokens of representation for your business; we will craft, innovate and deliver it to you.

Editorial, Design and Publication

We write, visualize, stylize, print and publish according to your needs.

Film and Video



Fulfill your ideas of installation with us:
temporary or permanent; in public as well as private spaces; even interactive ones.

Identity Creation

New to the business? Or just tired of old looks?
Let us transform you.
We do more than just logos and taglines.
We create identity.

Event Planning/Project Management

Not sure you want to held a festival, ceremony, competition, party, concert or convention? Or not sure how to arrange your event professionaly? We know how to.

From budgeting, planning, coordinating, execution, cleaning up until reporting: trust us to do it for you.

Please contact RURU Corps Manager to schedule meetings:

+62819 3214 7525

Artistic Commitee

Julia Sarisetiati
Acted as the manager of ruangrupa from 2008 up to 2011, she is also a photographer, curator, art director, and an artist who has numerously managed a variety of art projects.

Reza Afisina
He is the art director of ARTLAB – an art laboratory in ruangrupa, as well as a performance artist, curator, trumpeter, and an amateur DJ. In 2003, Reza’s video work was screened at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, USA.

M.G. Pringgotono
He is an artist, art director, and curator. He is also one of the founders of SERRUM, where urban social issues are frequently assessed, through educationally based art projects. Their program includes art projects and exhibitions, graphic propaganda, street art, murals, as well as publishing comics.

Andang Kelana
He is an artist, film and video programmer, designer, and the managing director of Forum Lenteng. Andang is also active in the executing of Jakarta 32°C Festival – a forum for students of Jakarta that began in 2004.